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Crazy hot Hotwife stories with,


A peek into the private sex life of a young couple in the Adventures of Jill and Bobby.

Photo’s Captioned to Arouse

     That's the fun part of this site.  Hotwife captioned photos are a place for men and woman to dream.

So, if Hotwife stories light your fire, there is a link below.

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 Titles, in the continuing story of Jill and Bobby.


A young married couple with a daring spirit and a thirst for adventure.

My books are about the events and more importantly the stormy conversations between husband and wife that paved the way for the feisty red-haired Jill to enjoy the pleasure of sex with other men.

Watching My Wife Become a Hotwife


How it all started.

It was completely innocent at first. After a swim with new friends, Mark and Carol. Bobby’s wife Jill was caught off guard at the sight of the gentleman’s rather large endowment. Flaccid at the time but clearly visible under his wet bathing suit. This surprising discovery at how big some men are started a cascade of reactions in young Jill that surprised both her and her husband. An innocent event, of course, most brides would have blushed and turned away. Most husbands would have frowned.

But Bobby and his wife Jill are a bold pair. The fact was, for this secure spouse, it was amusing to see his wife misbehave. Jill, a quick study knew what it was, where it went and almost looked away.

He was happy for his best friend, a little thrill is always fun. But as the day went on he teased his wife about her size surprise. To his continuing amusement, she didn’t put the thought aside. Neither did he!




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 Hall Pass Picked up in a bar had sex in a Car.

Jill and her husband had never dated other people. So for Jill, this would be a night to make up for her lost past. Enjoy a rite of passage, flirt, and dance, and make out with a boy in the back seat of a car.

Yes her husband offered his wife a hall pass. The shapely young woman was let loose in a pick-up bar in high heels, and a very short dress. Even more exciting for this young wife, bearskin under thin cloth. A breeze on her cookie and breasts that were free to sway. Her husband made it clear that kissing, dirty dancing and getting felt up will be expected. In fact, he ordered her to encourage it. The tall redhead, not shy in the least, was more than willing to give him a show he’d never forget.

This is a wife watching story. And believe me, Jill hits her stride as an exhibitionist and pours it on for her husband.

Watch a wife entertain her husband in a nightclub and then run off  with another man.

Bobbie’s young wife did all that in grand style. When she came back to him, she was a wrinkled mess. But she had an exciting story to tell. Of course, the reclaim was in the same back seat, which made Jill’s lusty retell even more exciting.

These two never lose communication with each other. How they react with each other is the heart of the story. Before, during and after.

Should you, the reader have an interest, the boyfriend becomes a central figure in book three. A Game within a Game.

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Captions Of wives that play.

A Game Within A Game

Bobbie’s young wife Jill, a tall, freckled red head, slender in form with more than ample assets. Is by nature, fun-loving and playful and indeed a woman of cunning wit.

She started her plea in a tee and panties, curled up on the couch with her husband. Her firm cheeks parked where she’d be sure to find a truthful answer. Then made her indecent proposal. “Bobby I want to be a naughty wife again.”

You see there is something else about this young couple. In the privacy of their marriage, Bobby lets Jill have sex with other men.

The game is he allows his young wife to enjoy penetration sex with a few good men. The game within is one of Jill’s making. In a very crafty and imaginative way, Jill makes her dalliances with men an equally exciting experience for her husband. A wife that understands just who she’s  having sex with. From setting up the date to the last swallow, young Jill plotted and carried out a thrill ride for her husband. 


Jill’s a very loving wife that understands her man's kink, and much to his delight has sex with his head. When the night of sex was over, you might think he had the better time of it.

A husband taken on a wild journey, yes she had sex with her boyfriend, but for him, it was way more than just watching.

Spoken in the voice of both husband and wife. Without humiliation, risk or regrets.


Check out the naughty wife captions down below then come back for a book full of naughty.

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Book three picks up where book two left off. Jill had a brief fling with a man in the back seat of her husband’s car. Wanting more of him, Jill pleaded with her husband to let her have a boyfriend for a night, at their house and in their bed.

Yes, a wife had sex with a man, not her husband. But the subplot is Jill having planned the whole evening to make it an exciting adventure for her husband. One he’d never forget.

Poker Night

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Jill, a happily married young wife, enjoys an interesting little quirk in her otherwise normal household. Much to her delight, this attractive young woman, with her husband’s consent, is a submissive for an older man. Of course, this is part of a game she and her willing husband play. Mark, an alpha male is her master for all things sexual. Jill is his whore. By day Jill is a well-educated businesswoman but when Mark calls anything is possible. A prospect that keeps both husband and wife pleasantly aroused.

When the call came, Mark upped the ante, by a multiple of five to be exact. Jill was to be a hostess at a poker game. Mark warned that there was more to it than cards.

Jill, a frisky redhead with a thirst for adventure and not the least bit slow at math, turned to her husband. Eyes wide with anticipation… Oh well, hate to spill the beans. Check out what Bobby’s young wife did in this fourth edition to the Jill and Bobby series.

14000 words for an adult audience only. The themes in this book are. Teasing Exhibitionism, Frolicsome submission, A ribald celebration of sex by a lucky Hotwife, Epic oral sex, Gangbang, Hotwife sex, Wife Sharing sex. MMMMMF. And one highly aroused voyeur husband.

A Dinner Guest and More

A story of seduction of an unsuspecting friend, a clever and arousing journey a husband allowed his young wife to have.


          In the couple’s bed, one Sunday morning young Jill was very candid with her husband about her submissive enjoyment of oral sex with other men.  Bobby, a husband that’s comfortable in his marriage, takes pleasure from watching his wife.  He loves her, even more, when she surrenders to her need with him so close.

The conversation that morning was quite arousing, and both agreed it was time for another adventure. This time Bobby took the rains and offered his wife a treat, playtime with his old college roommate. A gift for her and an extra thrill for both, letting someone they know, know she has sex with other men.  “Baby that would be so hot. God, I’ll have to get my nerve up to do it with him. But I think I like this, having someone we know, know our secret.” Back in college, Cory knew Jill as a proper and well behaved young woman. So inviting him into their marriage and revealing Jill’s naughty secret in a slow tease would make the sex even more exciting.

The call was made. Cory, as a dinner guest at the couple’s home, would, over the course of the evening discover there was more to his old friends than he remembered. Dinner conversation was pleasant; they talked of old times and old friends.

But there were hints; the frisky hostess was quite skilled at transporting men into an amorous trance with her words and cunning wit. Their  guest was quite surprised, and I may add delighted to discover modesty wasn’t on the menu. You see, Jill was braless, and she wasn’t hiding the fact that her nipples were clearly on display.

10,001 Words for adults only. The themes in this book are. Exhibitionism, Frolicsome submission, sharing a secret with an old friend, A wife exposing herself while her husband watched, Epic oral sex, A ribald celebration of naughty sex with a man, for her husband’s pleasure, in turn, he let him touch his wife.

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